Robert Anthony Hill’s Eulogy

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Posted by Kimberley Hill-Clark ( on December 14, 2000 at 12:57:59:

Robert Anthony Hill’s Eulogy

Without death, there could be no life, without life,
Death has no meaning.
The two states of existence are inexorably linked,
And we cannot experience one without the other.

This is not to say we do not grieve;
We may rage at nature for stealing our loved ones.
We are only human
And the loss of a child, spouse, or friend is never easy.

But underlying that grief
Is the understanding that death is a part of the cycle;
It is the end to our current journey,
And whether or not it seems fair,
People we love die.

Such is the case with our brother Tony
We can find comfort in knowing
That his soul will be rested and refreshed,
able to relax from this world’s trials,
and assimilate this world’s lessons.

We are challenged by death to see beyond the material plane,
to presensitize our perception to other dimensions.

You cannot see the wind, yet your feel its presence.
You cannot see the loved ones whose bodies have been laid to rest,
Yet you can feel their presence.
You notice the wind’s working when you admire a sailing kite or find
shapes in the clouds
You can notice the ways in which your loved ones affect the world too,
but only if you allow yourself to have that vision.

But it is possible to bundle up so securely against the weather that you
Cannot feel the wind
And it is possible to be so guilt-ridden and afraid of death
That you cannot perceive it as a part of life, too.

Tony’s love is poured across the lands—
The spirit that animates your loved ones will be reborn,
And through this love and trust
We will merry meet again in his reunion.

I would be remiss to not mention the manner of Tony’s death
Many things have been said, and many more will be.

But no matter your feelings or beliefs on
One taking their own life,
Let me say here and now that this was “HIS” way.

Many will say this was a coward’s way out
Or that this was an attempt to escape his responsibilities

But I say this was a brave and honorable act.

Tony did not take his life in a drunken stupor
Or in a drug induced haze

But in fact with clear and loving thoughts of his family.

Those of you who truly knew Tony know how much he loved history.
And down through the ages,
From Rome to the great Chinese Dynasties
Honor was the one thing they deemed to utmost importance.

When given a choice, one would take his own life,
So not to bring dishonor to ones family.
So let us see this action for what it was,
A truly brave, nobel, honorable and
Loving act.

I would now like to share some personal anecdotes from Tony’s friends
And family:

He with the most toys – wins
Tonys – Tony loved his toys
From his Bettes, sailboats to his motorcycles
Motor homes
Making model airplanes
Making sure his closet was immaculate, and all of
The shirts facing in the same direction,
Not being able to sleep if his tools were not in their correct spot
Riding his motorcycles – Fast and Hard
Having two GPS’s (one to find the other one)
Building his own house, and then putting double the
Insulation, when the installers left.
Lemon Meringue pie
Love of his country
The Air Force
Bringing home entire cars in paper bags, and putting them together
Dropping everything to help others
TCB – Taking Care of Business
Riding his BMW with his Gold Wing Budddies
Cats leaving paws prints on his truck
Victorville High School
Jack Rabbits
Playing Garth Brooks through Oklahoma
Exchanging hardy insults
True Wingers
“Bite Me”

His Love of Teaching: Knowing that in an hundred years from now it
Won’t matter what kind of house he had,
Or what kind of car he drove,
But the world will be a better place,
Because he touched the life of someone
And in turn that person touches the life of so many others

His love for his family
His brothers Larry and Steve
His loving sister Kathy and her son Danny (who he treated as his own)
His daughter Kim
His son Robbie and his daughter-in-law Talli
His grandchildren
And the one on the way

But above all, first last and always
His love for his wife Judy
From the first time they met,
Her a cheerleader, Him a football star.

Though people sometimes grow apart, and sometimes stray,
And not always do what is right.
There are some ties that forever bind.

Judy was his Wingman.
The Wingman that covered his six throughout his life. His most important love.


Farewell, Tony, we bid you on your way to Summerland
May your crossing be easy on the tide
I know the Goddess welcomes you with her outreaching hands
And God will keep you safely by his side.

Your spirit lives amongst us, and now that it is free,
You guide us still; your life lights up the sky
And we will follow you, follow the god across the sea
For you only go the way we all go . . .by and by
Go now be free
Free to forever play along side your loving father
Missing him no more

We commit (Tony, Robert, Bob, Tone, Spazmos, Tony Bob, and Tony da Teach) to your care
Love him, cherish him, feed him,
Let him grow.

Tony may you never have bad weather, may you never
More be cut off by someone in a cage,
May there never be jund in the road
May you have Blue skies and Green lights forever

This rite has now ended.
But may your loving energies
Continue to follow and Bless Tony
On his journey West.

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