Passing Friends

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Posted by John [HJ] Spick ( on December 10, 2000 at 13:04:10:

Tony was one of the many wonderful people from the WOTI list who I met mainly thru
the tragedy of another friends passing. When Erold (The Whale) Ansell, a close friend,
died in a road accident in the US, I was totally wiped out for a long time. Tony, and
many of the other Woti'ers, offered support, encouragement and friendship to me when
they did not know me from a bar of soap. I found this to be typical of many of the listers
, and when I had the opportunity to visit the US, and meet many of you wonderful
people, Tony was always at the forefront with an offer of accomodation any time we
could visit. The jokes, and the good natured insults we shared, were almost a daily
ritual. Tony had been through some extremely difficult times in the last year, and I
often felt helpless in not being able to do more than offer words of support and
encouragement, in much the same way others have helped me. It is absolutey tragic
that just when we thought he was over the worst of hs problems, that a situation arose
which caused him so much pain that he was unable to cope with it. I'm sure that many
people who are better with words than I am, will be able to express our grief and
dismay - and the regret that he didn't feel he could have turned to any number of us
for help, in whatever way he needed. I will grieve for Tony, and I'll miss him - but I will
also prefer to remember him as a big man, with a big heart who would do anything in
his power for his friends. I'll remember the all too few miles we rode together, and most
of all I'll remember his huge, ever present grin - the grin of a man who enjoyed life so
much, its hard to believe he's not here to share it any more. I know he'll be hooked up
with the Whale, and they'll be riding the eternal highways beyond life, waiting for us to
join them in the whenever. God speed mate.

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