Robert Anthony Hill: Tony da Teach 

Never one to shy away from the camera, Tone's was always regaling us with stories of his prime physical condition.

Always showing up with tales of his adventures, this was taken as we all prepared to depart from Wing Ding in Springfield, MO in 99 and head our separate ways. That's TdT in the back row, left (dwarfing those beside him).

Jack West loads up his plate while Harry Hilderman has some fun with Tony in the background. Taken at the Alamo Run, that's Pappy working on the meat table on the right.

Also at the Alamo Run, here's Jack Sides giving Tony advice about where to start in the dessert line (as if he needed it). Becky looks on from a safe distance.

Ahhhhhhhhh, how sweet. Here, Tony and Conrad "Dru" Drury clown it up outside the general store at Luckenbach, TX after the Alamo Run.

When Tony hit our area last year, we threw together a quick birthday party for him. Here he's trying to figure out how to give everyone else a piece of his cake while keeping at least "half" for himself. Jack West (behind Tony), Rene West and Nathan Riggs look on.


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We'll miss your smile Tony.

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