December 7, 2000: Tony Hill, our friend and riding companion, made a decision that none of us will ever really understand nor should we try. His decision however, leaves our motorcycle community grieving the loss. Words are so inadequate. 

What do we say to each other? 

Tony had a great impact on the people he met, both in person and on-line, and most of us will have our jaw dropped for quite a while. 

Exchanging insults and barbs with him as he rambled on about his BMW vs our Wings had become a daily thing almost but his personality and kindness shone through when you needed his help or just his words. 

On more than one occasion, he headed out cross-country to help someone celebrate and to add his humor and personality to the mix at one get together or another. When you scan the Wings On The Internet Discussion List, you get some idea of the man when you see everyone he's touched - even for a minute or two (and some who have never even met him), claim him as a friend. 

This is not a forum or place to talk about his passing. This is the place to talk about and celebrate his life. If you've met Tony, swapped e-mail with him, been touched by him, you're invited to leave your comments here so we can celebrate the life, and salute his memory as one of us. And you can click on the photo above to see more... Thank you for visiting. 

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