Thinking About Selling Your Scoot?

Then here's some ideas and suggestions that may help you:

Quick Tips Prepping the Bike:

Even though you are selling the bike in as-is condition, you want to make it as attractive to customers as possible. Remove or replace worn-out accessories and clean the bike thoroughly. Polish chrome or stainless accents. Make sure any accessories that you will be selling with the bike are cleaned and mounted.
Keep a file with receipts and descriptions for major repairs or improvements. Include warranties that transfer and toss in any repair manuals specific to the bike you have picked up.

Setting the Right Price:

Search for bikes similar or identical to yours to get a feel for the market. Understand that regional differences in price can be dramatic and try to find those closest to you.
Do some more comparison shopping with places like Cycle Trader magazines and check out other industry guides to help you determine the correct price.


Keep the ad short, but give enough information to let potential buyers get a good feel for what you are offering. List the best features of the bike, such as low mileage or clean condition, first and be sure to include anything that sets your motorcycle apart.

Working With Customers:

Set appointments to meet with buyers during daylight hours and at times when you know others will be around. Give a quickie tour of the motorcycle, but let the buyer ask lots of questions.
Be ready to demonstrate that the bike works. For test rides, meet with the customer in a large parking lot and hold their driver's license while they ride through the lot.
Don't take cash. The safest currency is a cashier's check or money order (made out to you, not to "cash"). Sign the title only when the money is in hand.

Good Luck!