Whale Watch

this photo colletion to celebrate Erold's personality and strength of character
and his whole approach to life; helping people laugh, continues to grow,
from donated shots all over the planet so this page will load slowly, please be patient...

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L to R: Erold on his Around Oz jaunt, Erold & Di, Erold & Moby Duck

Erold at home in Cairns with Leonard Teal

L to R: Erold receives one of 5 trophies at GWRRAA Rally, Final touches at the show.
Below: Erold and Dave Barker check out the competition in Bunbury

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Erold at Americade in full regalia, and arriving (below);

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This next set of photos were sent by John Spick. A fellow Aussie, they're all taken from his recent trip through the south-west of Western Australia between the Ulysses Rally at Bunbury and the GWRRAA Rally at Albany, and across the top of OZ with Whale. Says John "I hope some of these pics will convey the Whale's zest for life."

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These shots were sent by Bill Dutcher, a guy who's done an incredible job of pulling all the corners together for the big fella since he left. These shots are from the memorial service, taken on HJ's digital camera in the rain... the first, Shobek Dillon, Dianne Davies, John (HJ: Honest John) Spick and Ann Spick. The second, a shot of the service, the third, whales and roos, Bill Jermyn, John Spick and Jim Lehr, and the last, Shobek Dillon talks to the group.

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Bill Dutcher reports;

SATURDAY EVENING RECEPTION AT ROARING BROOK: Guests from as far away as Australia, North Carolina, Michigan, Ontario, and Quebec gathered for a memorable Saturday evening reception at Roaring Brook Ranch/Resort.  The food was very good, and the cameraderie was even better.

We raised our glasses high, with many toasts celebrating the life & times of Erold Ansell.  Anecdotes and recollections flowed from Miz Di, Shobek Dillon, HJ (John Spick), Swaggie (Jim Lehr), Mother of all Pearls (John Garner), VOA (Tom Lindsay), Gizmo (Ken Edick), Medic (Tim Scarborough who had ridden his Wing over 14 hours in the rain to be here), the author, and others. 

And after every anecdote, we quaffed a ceremonial sip of an Australian brew, remembering our missing Whale.

We watched videos by both Grumpy (Ken Weston) and the Americade Video Crew, which captured Whale's minutes on the Americade stage.  We cried, we hugged, and we laughed. It was as good an evening together as the touring fraternity could have, given the sad circumstances of the occasion.

At the end of this teary & joyful evening, we emerged into a clear, starlit evening.  The clouds had parted, revealing the uncountable breadth of the heavens above.


The heavens were crying this morning, as mourners arrived at the cloud-shrouded summit. The mood was cloudy too, as strains of Enya, filled the summit's octagon pavillion.  Shortly after 6am, the service was opened by Father Cox, who read some excerpts from WOTI posts, and commended Erold's spirit to the universe.

Miz Di then recollected some of the most memorable emails and communications her office has received in the wake of The Whale's passing. Shobek Dillon's remarks were brief and heartfelt.  Swaggie played the didgeridoo. The sounds of Amazing Grace echoed across the mountaintop accompanied by the assembled group, and Erold's spirit was sent heavenward.

Erold's ashes will be taken home to Australia.  His mother Evelyn will scatter his ashes over the Great Barrier Reef outside Cairns, where he so loved to dive.

Godspeed Erold.