My Turn . . . A Little About Us

Well, we did it again ..... In July 2007 we climbed off of our 2001 Unta and figuring we had one more new bike in our riding career, we climbed on to a new 2007 Untra. We put 55,000 safe miles on the 01 and are very pleased with the reliability of the Twin Cam Harley. Oh, did I mention the new Harley is BLACK? We switched to a Harley in 2001 after putting 77,000 miles on a 94 GL1500 in six years, it just seemed like it was time for something new and different. Bottom line ....... as some "friends" have said, we went to the "Dark Side" and we're now riding the 07 Harley Davidson FLHTCUI, Ultra Glide Classic.

My wife Terry (Tezz) and I bought the 01 Harley after a lot of discussion and some demo rides that I think surprised us both. Nothing personal to those with the Honda 1800, but neither Tezz or I cared for the styling changes ... or the price, especially with so much of what was previously "standard" equipment removed and made "optional". The Twin Cam is a fine engine, especially the 96CID and six speed transmission, and the scooter's really comfortable.

Anyway, like I was saying, we had the 94 Wing for six years and the 01 Harley for six years and lots of great, trouble free miles, mostly on weekend rides with several of the local riding groups in the area. There are a lot fun groups scattered around the state that you might want to check out if you happen to be in their area. Be sure to see the list of Local Groups on the Page.

Prior to the Gold Wing, I had a number of rides over the years, including this Honda CL350, and a BSA 650. Just before the Wing, I had an '81 CB900 Custom that I picked up several years ago after being off bikes for a number of years. It ran great, and even got me down to Texas from Wisconsin when we moved, but it was loud and not really made for two people. Probably the one thing that I disliked most about it was the heat on the inside of my legs. Man, on a hot day I felt like a thick brisket on the smoker! One nice weekend just prior to our buying the Wing, my wife and I took a ride and after we returned, she commented "you really could use a new bike". That was a big mistake (on her part)... within two days I had her at the local Honda dealer looking at the Wing. The rest, as they say, is history and that beautiful black beauty provided us with thousands of great miles all over the country and Canada.

We live in Keller, Texas now, having moved from Delafield, Wisconsin in the summer of 94. We're lucky to have our son's family nearby. Sean, Lori, and grandkids Brittany and Brett are just a stone's throw away so we see them often. Our daughter Christine, who recently graduated from college, drives a "black" extended cab Silverado StyleSide Pick-up, and proclaims that although she wasn't born in Texas .... she got her a quick as she could!

Keller is a nice little community located in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, just northwest of the DFW airport and closer to Ft. Worth than Dallas. Coming from the mid-west, the weather takes getting used to ... especially the 100 degree plus days in the summer but I have to tell you, it's great to be able to ride year round.

Professionally, I spend my working hours at IBM. I'm also an Amateur Radio Operator (WB9YLR), but have not done much lately other than a little local two meter operation. I guess my days of climbing towers and spending my weekends chasing DX are over for the time being. I'd rather spend the time on the Scooter. But, there was a time when my 2KW was something to be reckoned with!

Tezz and I have really enjoy spending time together on the bike, and are always looking forward to our next road trip. So far we've ridden to all of the Lower 48 states and have our eye on maybe Alaska in the not to distant future. We've been married since 1969 and are really enjoying ourselves now that we're "Empty Nesters". It's great to jump on the bike and head out without having to worry about "who's watching the kids".

Well, that's a summary of who we are. Here are a couple of pictures you might find interesting. There are a lot more on various pages throughout the site, so surf away. Take care, and whatever you ride, ride safe.

The 94 Aspencade in the Texas Hill Country on the left and the Harley Ultra Classic in the mountains of Colorado on the right. And of course, the newest, the 2007 Ultra.


As always, I'm interested in your comments and feedback. Drop me a line ...

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