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Howdy! Now, before you start asking yourself "What have I wandered into here?", lean back, put your boots up on your highway pegs and spend a few minutes checking things out. We're Jacko and Tezz and we share a real enjoyment for motorcycle riding and especially touring. As hass been said, "it don't matter what you ride .... it's all the same wind", so don't let your marque slow ya down.

Well, we did it again .... the lure of the 2011 Ultra Limited was just too much and now we're on that one. The 103 CID, ABS, 6 gal tank, Oil Cooler and a lot of smaller things was too much to ignore. Up until now we were riding a 2007 Harley Ultra Classic that we figured would be our last ride. Before that we put 60,000 on an 01 Ultra Classic and another 80,000 on a 94 Honda Gold Wing. If you want to find out more about us, just click over HERE.

Texas Wingz is filled with motorcycle goodies and some plain old fashioned fun and interesting things. It's aimed at the motorcycle touring crowd, with a little bias toward a Texas flavor, because that's where we live. But don't let that slow you down from looking. There's all sorts of interesting things in here, with tons of links to other great motorcycle sites on the World Wide Web. Be sure to check out the rest of this here page as long as you're here, and enjoy!

Just wanna say howdy and introduce yourself? The Guest Book is the place. If you've got a comment or question, drop on down to the Forum and post it there? There's a link just below this one. Always glad to hear from folks from all over. Texas Wingz is here for you, so if there's something missing you'd like to see, let me know!

Since I tend to get a lot of questions posted in the Guest Book, it seemed like perhaps a Forum was in order ... you know, some place where folks could introduce themselves, say howdy, ask a question and get answers from folks that probably know a lot more about scooters than I do. With that in mind, welcome to the Texas Wingz Forum! Just click on the button below and come on in. Please read the first couple of notes and try to play by the rules. Other than that, enjoy. Hope to see you there.

For some time now I've been running a poll about Motorcycle Safety courses. I asked "Have You Ever Taken A Motorcycle Safety Course?". A total of 469 riders were kind enough to take the poll, with the following results:

No but I intend to:      102 - 22%
No, I think they're a waste of time:      15 - 3%
Yes, but I didn't learn anything:     5 - 1%
Yes, I thought it was worthwhile:     272 - 58%
Yes, I've taken it several times:   75 - 16%

I won't make any judgements here, other than to say that there are at least 20 people I don't want to be sharing the road with! Sorry guys ... I think they're a good idea.

If you've a mind to sell your scooter (I can't imagine why anyone would but I'm told they do) or anything else related to riding, check out the "For Sale Page". Course, it only stands to reason that if you are looking for something to ride, this might be a good target for you also.

Looking for what's going on in the Lone Star State?
Then check out Biker Rallies of Texas

Now, I've never endorsed a radio station before, but this one deserves it. If you're in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and are looking for some riding tunes, you really should tune over to 93.3 FM, "The Bone". Why, they've even got their own righteous "Bone Bike Section" (not to mention their "Bone Babe of the Month"!

"If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area or find yourself passing through and looking for a place that's biker friendly, you might give the Thunderhorse Saloon a shot. The "Thunderhorse Saloon” is owned and operated by bikers for bikers and the staff invites you to stop by and check them out. They're located at 335 McDonnell St. just on the East side I-35E and the South side of business 121 in Lewisville. McDonnell St. is located next to the Owens restaurant, on the North bound service road. They’re on the left about 1/8 mile. While there, pick up a monthly events calendar detailing their regular weekly events as well as their up-coming SPECIAL events.

Up-N-Smoke If you're looking for a greap place to hang your helmet, down a couple of Shiner Bocks (or any of 27 different draft beers), some outstanding BBQ, and kick back with some riding friends, NASCAR fans, etc. then this is the place you want to be. Most local places I find on the "net" are on the Dallas side of the Metroplex. Up-N-Smoke is located in Keller, just north of Ft. Worth, and is well worth checking out. Live entertainment most weekends, and just a really great place to stop by to relax before or after a ride. Not marque specific, and you'll often find a real mix of bikes out front, from Harleys to Beemers, to Hondas. Just some really nice folks. Check 'em out and tell 'em you heard about them from Texas Wingz.

Ride Texas Magazine

   If you're looking for pretty much anything that has to do with motorcycle riding in Texas, the folks over at Ride Texas Magazine probably cover it. It's all there for the asking. Great articles, information, and photos for and about Riding Texas.

If you're planning a road trip, it's always good to know the condition of the route you're planning. The folks over at National Traffic and Road Closure Information web site have put together some great information. It's all there for the asking. Good current info, easy to navigate.

If you're like me and Tezz, we're always looking for something special to do but have a hard time keeping up with everything. The folks over at MotorcycleEvents.Com take all the work out of it! Good current info, easy to navigate.

If Cruisers are your chosen ride (or even if they're not), drop on over to The Cruisers Forum. There's something of interest there for everyone, no matter what you ride. Tell 'em Jacko sent ya over from Texas Wingz!

If you're into motorcycle racing ... and I mean ANY and EVERY type of motorcycle racing, then this is the site for you! Stephan has put together the mother of all racing sites at Check it out.

Thinking of doing some riding down my way .... in Texas, that is? You'll be hard pressed to find a more diverse part of the country .... from the tall pines and lakes of East Texas, to the majestic cliffs and canyons of Big Bend. You'll find the occasional old Spanish mission (perhaps you've heard of the Alamo?), the Nimitz Museum in Fredericksburg in the heart of the Hill Country, and just so much more. Come on down and Travel Texas!

Get your kicks, on Route 66! Sound familiar? Well, if you've ever wanted to make a run on that historic old road, this is your chance. On the second Saturday of every June the Mother Road Ride/Rally® "runs" the 2,448 miles of Historic Route 66. America's most famous highway. Learn more about this classic event at The Mother Road Ride/Rally® site. Check it out, and get your kicks!

Seems there's a feller down around San Antone, who is affectionately known as "Pappy". Well, old Pappy's had good times and bad times, but a bunch of folks chipped in a few years back and did a good deed for the dude. Now, Pappy ain't much for mushy stuff, so he figured he'd pay 'em back the best way he knew ... with food. Thus was born the Great WOTI Annual Alamo Run. He´s making plans now for 2003 so check it out, and if you're in the neighborhood, y'all come!

"At the Gap, there be Dragons!" Confused? Don't be. If you recognize the reference, you know what we're talking about. If not, (or even if you do) you need to link on over and find out about Deal's Gap. 318 turns in 11 miles. Talk about a rush!

"Ever get a hankering to find out what your scoot is worth? Or maybe you've got your eye on something you'd like to add to your stable, but you're not quite sure if it's a good buy. You can get a fair idea by checking out NADA Guide. Oh yea ... they got prices for cars and other things used to get around on too.

If you're a GL1200 rider and have worried about or HAVE the dreaded stator problem, R. Dan Pauley has done the hard work for you and laid out great instructions for engine removal and replacement. You can download Dan's plans in MS Word format 1200 Engine Removal document. Thanks Dan!

There's been a lot of discussion on the Wings On The Internet (WOTI) discussion group lately about how to best mount a cam corder on a Wing. Well, if you have a good memory you may recall an article in Wing World in the July 1997 issue by Tom Guy where he describes in detail how to accomplish mounting a camera, and directions for doing just that. I dug it out of the archives and put it on here for all to see. So, if taping your ride has ever crossed your mind, be sure and check out Tom Guys Camera Mount.

Thanks to Danny Hinse of East Millinocket, Maine, we now have great plans and pictures for his mount designed for the newer style engine guards on the GL1500. You'll find Danny's pic's here: Danny Hinse Camera Mount

Wow ... what a rush! The trip to Wing Ding XX in Huntsville, AL in 98 is all a memory now but along the way we hit the Blue Ridge Parkway, Deal's Gap, and a few other places. Come on along and share some of the fun with us. Check out "Dash To The Gap". Of course, we had the camera along as we met up with a lot of great folks along the way. I think you'll enjoy it!

There is also a page dedicated to commercial venders that have withstood the test of "quality customer service". Heck, anyone can sell you safety chrome or a new seat or tires. It's nice to know some folks that actually take care of you after you give them your money as well as before the sale. Check out "Cyber Ads" if you're in the shopping mood.

If you're in Texas (which ain't all bad), give a look-see at the Local Groups and Organizations that have provided links. Shucks, you might find out there's a great bunch of folks with similar interests to you that are right in your back yard.

And who would start out their day without checking out the Weather? Here's the four day forecast for North Texas, but you can easily link to check your local weather and find out what kind of day you've got in store for ya.

Well, there's lots more to see so just cruise that cursor on over to the Index and roll on in. We're glad you're here. If you like what you see, or even if you don't, how about taking a few minutes and signing the Guest Book. It always helps to know what people think. If you have any suggestions, pass them along.

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