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Here are some links to some down-right good pages on the NET. If you've got a favorite page and it hasn't already found its way here, please pass the information along so I can add a link from Texas Wingz. We aim to please!!!



The world's grooviest motorcycle magazine!

74th Crusaders
74th Crusaders Motorcycle Club

There's more than Ice Skating in Nova Scotia!


expert guide to help you find/learn/share motorcycle info.

Allen Vintage Motorcycle Museum

Step back in time, and ride the two wheelers from yesteryear.


America's Premier Motorcycle Rally

American Honda

invites you to stop by and check them out.



.. American Motorcyclist Association Homepage.

The American Gold Wing Association
invites you to stop by and check them out.

Wild Horses American Steel
...... Links, links, and more links.

Bald Guys Motorcycle Club
Finally ....... a club for those of us who's hairline begins somewhere behind our ears.

Biker Trash
...Don't let the name fool you. Bikertrash.com is full of great info, articles, and links for anyone that's in to motorcycles.

Black Sheep M/C
Black Sheep
...Harley Davidsons for Christ

Bros' Club
... Stop by and see what's going on at Stroker's in Dallas.

Brothers of the Third Wheel - Trikers
.. If Three Wheel Scooters are your thing, check them out!

California Sport Touring
.. Sport Touring Specialists

Classic & Antique Motorcycles
.. Remember when? If not, these pictures will remind you ...

Classic Gold Wings
Classic Wing Club
...For owners of 75 - 79 Honda GL1000s

Capital Wings
...The London based branch of the Gold Wing Owners Club of Great Britain (GWOCGB)

Cycle Salvage
... Looking for parts for your ride? You just might find them here.

Cycle Data
... Looking for info for your ride? This might be the place.

Deal's Gap

...At the Gap, there be Dragons!

More Deal's Gap

...Tail Of The Dragon

Dunlop Tires

... Running Dunlop's on your bike, or just need tire information? Check it out.

G.W.Q. Gr. Montréal
...Association motocycliste pour propriétaires de Gold Wing

GWRRA -- Germany
...It's a small, small world!

Gold Wing Club of Austria (GWCA)

Gold Wing Seite

Gold Winging, German Style

Home of the Short Biker

.. If you're among those that feel you're vertically challenged, check it out!

Honda Riders Clubs of America

... Good group of folks ... check them out.

Honda V-4 Home Page

- One Impressive Machine!

James R. Davis' Motorcycle Tips

... Here's some great information for anyone that rides.

Jan Krijtenburg's Home Page (Holland)

Mike's Harley Page

Motorcycle Rides

Been there, done that? Then share it with the rest of us!

Motorcycle Consumer News
...What's HOT, What's NOT? ..

Motorcycle Yellow Pages

Motorcycle Yellow Pages
...Addresses, Phone Numbers, URL's , etc.

Motorcycling Resources

...Browse our catalog of over 230 repair manuals!

Naked GoldWings

...Some really nice looking Wings without all the plastic that came in later years.

NYC Motorcyclist

...Check out some of the scooters in the Big Apple, along with the folks that ride 'em.


.. Check out Brisbane Australia and see what's going on in the Land Down Under....

New Jersey Riders' Education

Power Sport Pro

... Looking for parts fish for your scooter? This place has it!

Renegade Raiders MC

...Check out Renegade's Site for some nice scoots and links.

Robertsbridge Classic Motorcycles

Robertsbridge Classic Motorcycles

...the place to find old and interesting motorcycles.


... Looking for pretty much anything motorcycle related?

Stephenville Roadriders

... No Rules, No Dues, No Officers ... just meet to ride!


... These ladies let their riding do their talking for them.

Steve Saunders Gold Wing Page

... Join Steve as he motors around the Emerald Isle

Black Hills Rally ... Sturgis
...If you don't know what it is, you wouldn't be interested!

Texas Department of Transportation

... Motorcycle Safety Unit


.. The Venturers Motorcycle Club on the Net

Wing List GIF

Wings On The Internet

You'll be hard pressed to find a better place to talk motorcycles, especially Gold Wings.

Women On Wheels

...Check out these Ladies and their Scoots ... Texas Style!

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