Erold Ansell: Whale On A Wing, 1956-1998

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June 8, 1998:  Erold Ansell, 43, of Cairns, Queensland Australia, died immediately from injuries sustained in a crash with a truck this morning, in the Lake George area of New York, in the USA.

Erold leaves his mother Evelyn, and his dearest business associates.  And he leaves our motorcycle community grieving the loss of such an unforgettable human.  Words are so inadequate. --
Bill Dutcher.

What do we say to each other?

It's a mark of Erold's impact on people that most of us will have our jaw dropped for quite a while. Spending a week on the road with him is now a precious memory that I'll always treasure, and I only saw a few facets of his personality (the good, the bad and the ugly, the frustrated, the overjoyed, the pride when we had a win, the despair when he had a loss and the sheer joy of life he passed on to everyone he came in contact with :-).

When you scan the Wings On The Internet Discussion List, you get some idea of the stature of the bloke when you see everyone he's touched - even for a minute or two (and some who have never even met him), claim him as a friend.

I missed the big ugly bugger the day he left, I miss him immensely now, and I know I'll miss him the rest of my life. Selfishly, there were things I want to talk to him about, guidance I wanted to ask for, stunts I want to pull on him, gags I want to prepare at his expense, and a lot of laughs I want to share with him.

I know that if he could have got up after the crash, he'd have walked over to the other driver and said, "Sorry mate, you OK?" --
Michael Wass.

If you've met the Whale, been touched by him, you're invited to leave your comments here so we can celebrate the life of a great bloke, and salute his memory as one of us. And you can click on the photo above to see more...