What can you say about the "Dragon"? 318 curves in an eleven miles stretch of Highway 129. Coming in from the north as we did, it's an uphill ride beginning in Tennessee and ending up in North Carolina at the "Crossroads of Time" Motorcycle Camp and Motel, along with the General Store. The road was wet when Terry and I began our assent up the Dragon's Tail. We had stopped briefly at a small diner before beginning the run so that the rain could pass us by. It's one hell of a ride, and if you've never dragged a peg or floor board you'll be hard pressed to complete the run without doing just that on this piece of pavement.

Now, if you're really a gluten for punishment and want to get just a very small taste of what the "Gap" is all about, here's a small video you're welcome to load up. Be warned however that it's over 5 megs and will take some time to download. You might want to save the download for sometime when your grass needs cutting or you need to change the oil in your scooter. Just start the download, do your chores, and if you're lucky it will be finished when you get done. You'll find it HERE.

Just find Highway 129, and follow the signs ..........

Making the run from the Tennessee side to the North Carolina side, you'll know you're almost to the end when the North Carolina state line sign goes by in a blur.

When you roll out of the last curve on the Dragon, you find yourself at the Crossroads of Time Motorcycle Resort. This is where you buy the "T-Shirt", of "been there, done that, and got the ...." fame. They must have stocked up on Gold Wing rider sizes, cause all they seemed to have was XL and XXL. Scattered though out this picture are Richard J Mather, Ron Williamson, Terry Sides, Harry Hilderman, Gary Gaither, Dane McKittrick, Devon Gaither (Gary's son), Bill Jermyn, Bill Haynes, Jack Life, Jack Sides, Vern Attaway JR Elkins, Jim Lehr, & HJ.

Of course, once you finish the ride, you have to talk about it.

Here is Jack Life (L), comparing the ride with Richard J Mather(white shirt) and Ron Williamson

Mike Biebrich on the left, and John (HJ) Spick discussing the ends and outs of handling the dragon. Well, that's what I thought but it turned out that were comparing Vegemite and Grits. Not sure if either was convinced by the other.

Bill Haynes (back to camera with shiny spot) talking to Harry Hilderman. That's me to the right of Harry, looking to see who Swagman is rushing up to greet. Turned out to be Gadi Neeman and his wife Indbar from N.J. on their BEAUTIFUL silver 98 SE. Vern Attaway is on the right, in the white shirt.

As Gadi parked by the gas pumps, everyone came over to admire his Wing and Bushtec Genesis trailer. Lots of folks in this picture, but I think I've named them all by now. That's Gadi's wife Indbar standing with the helmet in her hands.

Well, before heading off in many directions, with Huntsville the ultimate destination, everyone gathered around the Deal's Gap sign. Standing L to R: Richard J Mather, Ron Williamson, Terry Sides, Harry Hilderman, Gary Gather, Dane McKitrick, Devon Gather (Gary's son), Bill Jermyn, Bill Haynes. Kneeling L to R: Jack Life, Jack Sides, Vern Attaway. Sitting L to R: JR Elkins, Jim Lehr, HJ, Mike Biebrich

Hey, lets head off to the Ding, the WOTI Breakfast, and a few other things ... Come on ...