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In the market for a new bike? Got one you would like to sell? This is the place to see what other's have or to show what you have to place on the block.

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There are one or more individuals who are responding to items (especially motorcycles) that are being advertised on the Internet. It is not limited to this site but is also happening to people that are advertising their bikes on a number of sites, including eBay. Basically, they will contact you and tell you that they owe money to someone in the US and that they would like to pay you not only your asking price but that they will send you a certified cashier check for an amount several thousand dollars greater, with directions for you to cash the check and forward the difference to a friend to whom they have a business agreement or owe money. Assuming that the certified check is valid, your bank deposits the money in your account and you go ahead and send the money on. Only problem is, the cashier check is counterfeit and when it is returned, you're out the money you sent to someone else. If you want to see the exact text of just such a message, take a look HERE.

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